Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Around the Garden

Lately we have had much rain and very high humidity, so the garden is absolutely growing wildly.  Everything is tall and approaching overgrown, and the weeds are bad as well.   Unfortunately, it is almost impossible to work out in the garden through this heat and humidity, and the storms just keep on rolling in.

I've taken just a couple of pictures to show you:

This is a green sport from a variegated ginger - it has grown quite tall and lanky and is throwing out flowers - looks like they may be pink.

This plant sits behind the previous ginger - I can see any number of designs in it's colour and curving leaves. Can you?

The good old faithful orange heliconia is flowering along well.

Here it is again with a pretty pink bottle brush flower.

Here is a pretty pink heliconia flower coming on - it has loved the weather.

Don't forget that you can click on the pictures and get a better look at them..


Diane-crewe said...

thanks for some colour... we are now leaving frost (white) and snow (white) and slush (dirty brown) behind ....I hope and will begin to get some colour...apart from green of course xx

Anonymous said...

Your garden is looking beautiful Sharon aren't all the different flowers so nice. Cu tomorrow.
Jeanie Beanie xox