Sunday, May 15, 2016

Word Photo Challenge 2016

I'm  baaaack! Sorry for being so long missing, but it was Mothers Day and everything, so this is the second long week in the challenge - I'll try not to do anymore!

So the weeks (fortnights) word is CREATIVE, and have I got a photo for you!!

My friend offered me this a while ago, and finally I am able to stretch my CREATIVE mind and learn how to  use it!

"What is it?" I hear you ask.

"It is this" I reply:

I hear you ask again "What is it?", to which I reply "It is an Empisal KH91 knitting machine".

I'm sure you can understand how this machine is streatching my creative brain to its absolute limits! I can knit by hand, but I have never ever used a knitting machine, let alone one this old and beautiful!

But , believe me, I am learning fast - I can now cast on and knit plain rows, so I'm going well.

Now I just need to learn about this:

I'm sorry you cannot see this well, but this is the Empisal KH90 ribber, it attaches (!) to the flat bed machine, and i will be able to make all sorts of exciting things with these!

In the plastic bucket on the bottom is a load of lovely soft fabric for the backs of quiltm, and in the top box there are all the original manuals for these machines, plus lots of yarn!

Aren't I a lucky girl??!

I am really so happy with this, I am looking forward to letting my creativity take over once I learn all the basics.

So join in below and show us your "creative" and I will be back  Tuesday with next weeks word.

Take Care

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Diane-crewe said...

what fun xx I was not able to get here in time to enter for this week .. phew! and what a word for next week!! lol x