Monday, January 25, 2016

I Finished a Blanket

I did finally finish the star blanket that I showed you HERE.

I thought it would never, ever end! I wanted to do it for my granddaughter, but by the time I finished it, I think I was just about over it!!

It was worth it though!

Artistically arranged over the armchair number 1.

Artistically arranged number 2

A closeup of the border I decided on.

I was very pleased with the way it turned ut, and I am sure that Jessica was happy with it also.

It ended up not quite as large as I had hoped to do it, but I was running out of time!

I'm sure this is the reason why I can't settle into anything at the moment, this was such a big project and I feel like I am empty of creativity at the moment, so that is why I am covering jars and bottles!!

Take Care


Diane-crewe said...

it is beautiful and well worth the effort and hour you have put into it xx Small and finished VERY quickly may well be the way to go for a while xx

kiwikid said...

That is a beautiful shawl and well worth all the effort you have out into it!!