Thursday, July 23, 2015

So Here is How Sophie is Going

Hi everyone, hope you are all well as we are!

Sophie has continued to take up a lot of hours for me, and every stitch is a special one.  I am so pleased with her!

So here she is, almost in all her glory:-

So here she is today.  I'm pleased with how my colours are working out.

A corner view,all the stitches look so complicated, yet in reality they are simple stitches put together in a different way.

She is thrown down in a heap after starting the next row.

A view of my rearranged sewing room, and this is where I sit each day to work on my Sophie - obviously I work best in a mess!

When I need a break with something restful, I do a few of these little star blocks, they are quick and simple, good for resting the eyes.

I also have worked on this block, but I'm not really liking the colours so will have to start again.

So there she is for your viewing pleasure (I know, I think she is gorgeous too:):)

Hope you enjoyed seeing her

Take Care


Rachaeldaisy said...

You make magic with your crochet hook!! Your Sophie is amazing!!

kiwikid said...

Sophie is amazing!! You are creating a master piece!

Janine said...

Your sewing room looks a lot like mine! And your crochet looks great. Thank you for linking up with Wool on Sundays :)

Anonymous said...

Sharyn, it's me, just remembered to have a look at your Sophie, you are so clever......I also love the star squares, will get you to show me next week.
Love the sewing room, doesn't look messy at all, looks very pleasant and sunny......
Take care, see you Thursday
Linda xxxxx

linda said...

Hi Sharyn
Love Sophie, you are so clever. Love the star squares, you must show me how.
Sewing room or should I say Crochet Room looks wonderful and sunny.
See you Thursday
Love Linda xxxx