Wednesday, January 7, 2015

My Goals for The Finish Along

Today is the opening day for the Finish Along with Adrianne from The Windy Side.

So here are photographs of the items that I want to finish up:-

This colourful crocheted prayer shawl is the most important at the moment.  I am making it for a friend, who has been told that she has  cancer AGAIN, and I could not think of anything better to give her. This "granny " pattern is fast, and i need fast!
"A Prayer shawl for you to wrap yourself in love and healing, and wildly colourful to give you some joy during your fight".

One half finished knitted summer scarf

One large quilt top only a quarter done, to be completed, quilted and bound.  Of all the quilts I have ever made, this one is the only one that has bored me to tears as I worked on it!!

There are two crochet purses and two crocheted handbags here, they need to be finished!

Top fully pieced, backing of an old sheet, and batting in the bag - this one won't take long! Needs to be basted, quilted and bound.

Another top to be basted, quilted and bound!

A beautiful top pieced, which needs a backing. This will become a kantha quilt, so there is lots of hand embroidery here for me! I like to think that I will finish this one.

My collection of 12 large house blocks, started to be pieced along with a scrappy edging and other bits. Needs to finish the pieceing, quilt and bind this one!

Well thats it for me. I don't think that these will all be finished quickly, but they will be finished in 2015, I hope!!

Of course, I haven't mentioned all the hand piecing quilts I have on the go, or any of the 5 crocheted blankets in various stages of finishing  - I think they will all wait now until some of these are finished !

So now I'll go and sign up with Adrianne!


Madtatter80 said...

Wow this is very bold of you to post all the unfinished projects, I have too much shame to post them all at once ha ha ha! They look beautiful and fun to look forward to finishing them in the new year, and I almost for got Happy New Year! I like the prayer shawl and will say one for your friend :)

Sherry said...

What a lovely collection of projects. Good luck with meeting your goals.

Would you mind giving me the pattern name for the prayer shawl? I have a wide collection of bits and bobs of yarn from other projects and that pattern looks like it would work well. Plus, a prayer shawl ministry that I know of is always looking for new patterns to add to their collection.

I am hoping to get my listing of projects up in the next day or two......there are a lot of items I would like to have done in 2015.

Have a wonderful day.

Adrianne @ On the Windy Side said...

Great projects! Good luck getting through your list :-)