Monday, October 13, 2014

52 Weeks Word Photo Challenge

Hi everyone! Welcome to a new week , while I am here I would like to run something by you for next year.

You know how most of us have zillions and zillions of  photographs that we have taken, sitting on our computer and on discs and no one looks at them?

I thought that we might do this:-
Once a month I give you a phrase, or a word, or a feeling and you then go to your stored photographs and find two or even three or four, if you like, pictures that depict that phrase, word or feeling. I would have a Linky up so that you could sign in and show us your photographs, the same as now. The difference would be that you won't have to go and take a specific photograph, and you can post more than one, and you explain why they fit that phrase, word or feeling. would only be once a month , of course!! I'm thinking of calling it The Monthly Challenge 2015! Any other names would be welcome!

How does that sound for next year?  Can I have a show of hands please? I'll do it regardless, and you can just sign in when you feel like it.

I saw the idea somewhere, but for the life of me, I can't remember where. I know it was someone else's blog, so if you know who it was, please let me know, so I can credit them with the idea.

So, that should start when our current 52 weeks are up.

So, after that tangent, the word for this week is  "stick".

See you back here next week, or sooner, perhaps, with pics of our word, or something else.

Have a good week and take care.


Diane-crewe said...

waving hand .. arm aching .. from the back of the class xx Im in x

kiwikid said...

🙆 two hands up for me sounds like a great idea.

Rachaeldaisy said...

It's a great idea but you know me, I don't commit to anything, but I do enjoy seeing your photos so I'll be pooping in each month to see your photo boards. I can always join in occasionally.

Moose-ings said...

Sounds good, I'll be in it.