Thursday, July 10, 2014

Things are Happening

even if I don't post about them, believe me!

Hope everyone is well, we have just bought a new television set today, to use in the dining room. Now we can't connect it up, and because of this one TV, we now have 2 TV outlets that won't work!

Enough! I screamed, so I rang  a chap who will come out tomorrow and fix the lot up for us.  We have had a real yuck afternoon!! Hopefully all will be well tomorrow.

So enough of the problems, I have been toying with telling you all this little titbit of information, but i think it's time that I did.

I am increasingly being drawn to art journaling and sketching!  I have not been interested in sitting down and sewing a quilt out of my mountains of scraps for weeks now, and I have only sewn those items that I have had to, like the Doll Quilt Swap that I am a part of.  So I will continue with that.

I also bought about 8 metres of batting not so long ago, so that I could finish up my scrap quilts that I have done this year. So I need to finish that one day too. Hopefully before the end of the year.

I wanted to show you where I am up to with my mixed media embroidery journal, so here we are:-

The first two pages will remain the same, I am happy with them now,

Third page - Namaste printed on cardboard. Still needs borders and edges.

Fourth page - Guided by Spirit - ditto

Page 5 - needs embroidery and edging around page.

 Page 6 - the poor old sheep fell off the page, so they have been re glued with fabric glue and their border is clipped to the previous page!

Page 7 - My little embroidered sayings require embellishment.

 Page 8 Om Shanti page requires embellishement - do you notice how the paper explanation is written like it's going uphill? That's the way I write! Always have and probably always will. Someone told me once it was because I am a dreamer, don't know how true that is!

Page 9 the Buddha pages here - both this and page 10 are printed on fabric and glued in - need embellishment.

 Here's page 10!

Page 11 and 12 remain basically the same, still waiting for embellishment!

Just in case you were curious! Here are a couple of my sketches from yea old  paper sketchbook!
This house I dreamt about and had to draw it - looks like a 3 year old!

And some leaves for you - a 4 year old may have done this!  They day drawing takes practice, I think I may practice for quite some time, don't you!!?

Thanks for stopping by, see you soon and take care!


Janet said...

The book will be lovely when finished. I can see why you have been focussed on it. It is a very creative project. I always find my creative projects - ie no pattern, just me doing my own thing - really take over my brain while I am working on them.

Rachaeldaisy said...

I've so enjoyed seeing all these creative pages, your fabric ones and your sketches. Your embroidery diary is such a treasure of beautiful stitches!!

Funny Farm said...

What a lovely book. Some beautiful words and you are obviously getting enormous enjoyment out of creating it. Never be afraid to show your drawings. To be able to put mental images down in sketches is a great way to remember them for later.
Jeanie Beanie xo