Wednesday, December 11, 2013

#reverb13 Day 11: Boldly go

What challenges lie ahead in 2014? How might you meet them boldly?

Well, this may sound awfully trite, but the challenge that will be greatest on my books, will be to finish up using all my scraps.  Being the mad quilter, I must use everything I have before I buy anymore (except for the odd one or two solids, of course). 

I will face this challenge head on, with rotary cutter in hand, and the sewing machine on standby.

I must apologise for not doing all the reverb13 questions, as some of them I am answering in private. But there are those I will share.

1 comment:

Kat McNally said...

Perfectly finde for you to answer some questions in private and share only what you feel comfortable with.
Good luck using all your scraps! That's a good problem to have. xx